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A Norfolk Jewellers Life


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Ever wondered what it's like to be a jewellery designer/ maker? Here in my Blog, I'll be sharing with you details of new work in progress on my bench, bits and bobs about life here in Norfolk and my experiences of running a small business. It's a little bit of everything and I look forward to sharing it with you.

So why is my blog called Dumpling? Well, I was looking for a Norfolk related name, nothing too fluffy, but something that was still substantial. What could meet that brief within Norfolk better than a dumpling?

Norfolk Dumplings are a bit special though. They were a staple part of the local diet in the past and because they don’t contain suet, they’re light and filling at the same time, the perfect recipe for my blog. Interestingly, the best Norfolk Dumplings are called Swimmers, which with the Norfolk Broads National Park within the county, is a useful skill to have.


So, Dumpling it is then.

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