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This handmade sterling silver bangle expresses the cycle of the seasons as one year builds to the next, repeating themes, but never following exactly in the same path. The bangle is part of our Elements Collection and has a crossover design representing the turning of the year and renewal.


The design is formed as an oval so it hugs the wrist closely in wear, unlike a round bangle. The design allows the bangle to be worn with the crossover element inside or outside the wrist depending on preference.


The beauty of this design is it's simplicity. I wanted the shape of the design to represent time passing in abstract, it’s turning and evolving, not just following the same path. The bangle is intentionally heavier than many factory produce pieces to convey the longevity of handmade items and to offer the strength for a lifetime's turning of the year .


Changing seasons is something that happens slowly in the Norfolk countryside, a little at a time, until a circle is completed. One of the strongest images marking a change however is the ploughing of fields ready for the next crop to be sown. The sharp lines created in the soil contrast to the organic shapes of the countryside for a while, until the crops again soften and hide them again. The parallel lines of a freshly ploughed field are captured in metal in this bangle together with the sense of renewal and the opportunity of making a fresh start.


Turn of the year Bangle - Statement Sterling Silver, Hallmarked

SKU: Elements-00001
    • The crossover bangle is oval with an inner diameter of 6.7cm. 
    • The design does not have a clasp, it slips over the hand and rests securely around the wrist. 
    • The design is hallmarked as sterling silver by London Assay office and carries Helen's HMC makers mark. 
    • The bangle had a D shaped profile with a width of 0.6cm across the flat inner side. The outer side is gently curved with an overall depth of of 0.3mm. 
    • The bangle is shipped in a black fully recyclable jewel box, perfect as a present for yourself or as a gift for someone special.
    • This bangle was handmade in the heart of Norfolk, UK. The design is inspired by the cycle of the seasons as one year builds to the next, repeating themes but never following exactly in the same path. I design and make all the jewellery on my website in my shop, only using bought in components for things like earring scrolls and fine link chains. 
    • All my designs at Helen Cross Jewellery are inspired by Norfolk, either it's stunning countryside or occasionally it's distinctive built forms. I have included a picture of my design influence for these earrings as one of my listing pictures to share with you a little of my process translating Norfolk's character into metal which I hope you will enjoy.

    Display credit : 

    The beautiful cream speckled pottery vases and trinket tray used in some of my images to display my jewellery was handmade by Gwyn Durand - Grace from Fire and Flux Ceramics in Norwich.  

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