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My Business Ethics

Image of a single Gingko leaf placed on a dark weathered wood surface.

Helen Cross Jewellery is a small business, in fact it’s just me.

I design, source materials, make everything at my bench (except fine chains and earring scrolls), I photograph all the jewellery, pack it securely, post it out, brew the tea, feed the cat and everything else in between.

Because my business is small I'm able to respond quickly and personally to my customers, to meet some of them in person at markets and to connect with those who aren't local to Norfolk through my blog and social media. I'm able to share my passion for jewellery and the Norfolk landscape with my clients and to continually change my designs to ensure that they are as individual as my customers. 

That's the beauty of small, it can be mighty.   

So why is Helen Cross Jewellery different?

  • I make my jewellery by hand in my studio using mainly traditional hand tools.

  • I use 100% certified recycled silver wherever possible.

  • I'm UK based and my suppliers are also UK based to shorten supply chain links.

  • I recycle all silver scraps/filings generated in my process.  

  • I make bespoke jewellery, much of which which is made to order, so reducing over-production.

  • I make lots of one of a kind items and don't hold large amounts of stock within my business.

  • My handmade jewellery has small variations in each piece, it's made with love, not machine made.

  • I pack my designs in 100% recycled and fully recyclable cardboard presentation boxes. 

  •  I am looking to into more sustainable external postage packaging when current stocks are used up.

  • I re-use external postal packaging where possible to reduce waste, and am looking into other sustainable options.

  • My jewellery can itself be recycled at end of life, because it's 100% sterling silver without rhodium plating etc.

Being environmentally sensitive as a small business is important to me. By choosing to minimise consumption,

recycle waste effectively and use sustainable packaging it can only be good for the planet,

after all nobody wears the packaging rather than the jewellery do they? 

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